Life Stories Out Loud: New Year’s Eve Edition

by maleriev

(this was taken from my tumblr. also please note that this bar was so run down & ratchet it has burnt down since then*)


I was unsure of what I wanted to do for New Years Eve & pretty much just winged it up to the last minute. My friend was having a few people over and planned to eventually walk to a local bar. I thought, “Why Not?” and headed over for some drinks. We play some games, drink some brews, & decide we’re ready to head out. “Hole in the Wall” can’t even explain the level of this bar. I once went in & there was a bird just standing on the bar chilling out.

So it’s full of it’s typical lowlife locals, which isn’t a problem I can go with the flow almost anywhere. Midnight passes. Hooray. Cool, it’s 2014. A man approaches me and asks if he can buy me a beer. Seeing as I never turn down free drinks, I agreed. Conversation is going pleasantly and he’s not too bad looking so I’m feelin alright. Until out of nowhere this 60+ something old woman approaches me (& the man) screaming wildly about things I cannot understand and flailing her limbs everywhere (along with her drink). I finally catch the gist of the freakout, turn to the man I was speaking with, & say, “Did you come here with someone?” He stares at me. I ask him again. He replies “We aren’t serious.” The old lady points out the woman he came with across the bar. I ask “Are you kidding? Is this really happening?” He replies, “I may have came here with her, but I’m going home with you.” Then the elderly woman proceeds to call me names that elderly women should not be using as if I set this whole thing up. 

This is why I’m single.